Website Localization Services

In today’s global marketplace, websites are considered the “face of the company”. Companies need to have a strong and accurate Web presence that can also properly represent them in different countries. This requires proper and correct Web translation in different languages.The first thing a customer does when hearing about your business is looking up your website to see who you really are. Proper Website translation requires high accuracy, exact precision it needs to be accurate and very clear.We at QLS guarantee that your site translation will be accurate, precise, professional, and clear. Highly skilled translators that excel in your industry will perform all of our localization, guaranteeing that your message will not be lost in translation.
Websites usually use a large number of documents in many different file types. In order to properly translate your website we require the source files.
Below is a list of the most commonly used files:

  • HTML 
  • XHTML 
  • XML 
  • JAVA 

Additional Services:

  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  • Technical Writing Translations
  • Marketing Write-Ups Translations

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