Understanding the legal industry and knowing the different legal systems throughout the world is crucial to producing professionally correct legal documentation translations.QLS’s professional legal translators are experts in the legal field and have an extensive knowledge of the legal terminology and nuances.
We can insure you that your final product will be professional, accurate and true to the source.
Our Legal translators are equipped to handle any challenging diversity of legal documents.You can rest assured that at Quality Language Solutions, we only use translators who are suitable and are highly qualified to translate legal documents, into their mother tongue language. We make ourselves fully aware of the challenges that your company faces and we are always there at your side to support with international projects.
Confidentiality is of a critical importance to you, as well as to us.Therefore, all documents are handled under our strict privacy guidelines.
Maintaining this level of service has granted us many customers who trust us with their legal documentation, time and time again.

Our services include a variety of marketing items,including:
Advertising and promotional materials

  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Case studies
  • Business plans
  • Company profiles
  • Presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Web copywriting
  • Creative copywriting
  • Product brochures

More Industries:

  • Government & Military
  • Technology & Manufacturing
  • Personal documents
  • Certification
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications


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